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Is there parking facilities?

In some residential solutions it is possible to park a car/bicycle in special areas or to take advantage of covered parking; it is advisable to ask at the time of booking.


How does early withdrawal work?

Given the short duration of the lease, the Student has the right to withdraw from the contract only for serious reasons, including the transfer of the course of study to a different faculty, upon notice to be delivered by registered letter or PEC with one month's notice. The costs for withdrawal will be borne by the student


What should I bring when I arrive?

A valid identity document.

Where should I go when I arrive check-in?

The time and place of check in will be agreed according to the student's needs


The time and date of check out will be agreed with the student upon expiry of the contract. Please pay attention to the art. 1 of the contract (Duration)



What is included in my rate?

The "all inclusive" rate on campus includes a fully furnished room (single or double), all utilities, wi-fi, 24/7 emergency service, weekly cleaning, courtesy transport, use of the app. Free access to the common rooms to study, cook and relax.  In the apartments the "all inclusive" rate includes a fully furnished room (single or double), all utilities, wi-fi, 24/7 emergency service, use of the app.

Is Wi-Fi included?

Yes, the latest generation Wi-Fi connection is included in all our residential solutions.

Is TV included?

Yes, TV is present in the common rooms.

Is the kitchen kit included? The kitchen kit is present in all the kitchens of the campus and apartments.

Is a fridge included in my room?

No. Refrigerators / freezers are located in common kitchens.

Are sheets and towels included?

For the residents of the campus, two kits complete with sheets are provided at check-in.  Kits can be purchased for the residents of the apartments and for those who wish to have them in a larger number.

Is the use of common kitchens included?

Yes, the use of common kitchens is included

Is the laundry included?

There are washing machines and dryers available for the residents at no added costs


Can "non students"  live here?

Our facilities are managed so as to guarantee consistency in the type of residents

Can I book if I am a minor?

Yes, it is possible to stay prior authorization of stay and discharge of responsibility by the parent / legal guardian of the minor

Can I bring pets?

In Campuses only after having activated an ad-hoc insurance policy and having read and accepted the regulation. In the apartments it is not possible to keep animals.

Can I sublet my room?

No, it's not possible.

Can I choose my roommate?

You can indicate your preferences that will be evaluated based on availability. We will do our best to satisfy your request.

Can I choose which plan to live in?

Yes, at the moment of booking you will be selecting the room that most suits your needs.

Can I have a party?

Yes, in respect of schedules and reglamento

Can I customize my room?

Yes, without causing permanent damage to walls and furniture (that includes stickers and permanet markers). The room must be restored as found when checking out, otherwise you may incur in a charge.

Can I stay in my room during Christmas, Easter and any other holidays?

Yes, you can stay in your room for as long as your contract is valid.

What should I do if something doesn 't work in my accommodation?

Contact the Italian in Campus Team using the email address or in case of emergency use the number 800913726

Can I receive mail and packages?

Yes, you can easily collect your parcels at the Campus office in Italy

Where can I smoke?

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside Campuses. Violators will incur the penalties provided for by Italian law and by the regulation of Italy in Campus.

What happens in case of damage and missing items?

Any damage and shortages caused by the guest must be reimbursed by the guest on the basis of the price / quote / invoice presented by Italy on Campus (see art. 4 of the contract)


Can I have guests for the night?
The Student is allowed, under his own exclusive responsibility to have guests as visitors, and to have them stay overnight prior  authorisation from the Administrative Office
Can I have guests during the day?
Guests can access without prior authorization unless they stay for the night

Can my parents stay?
Parents are considered guests and therefore subject to the same rules as above


How do you pay the installments?

By direct debit on the current account (IBAN) or by direct debit on the credit card

What happens if I don't pay the installments?

Failure to pay punctually, for whatever reason, even a single installment of the canon constitutes the student in default. Italy in Campus will be able to prevent access to housing.


Can I do an inspection before booking?

Sure. Contact our team at 800913726 or by email

What type of contracts are available?

Standard contracts are from 5,6 or 11 months. It is possible to agree on different contracts subject to availability.

Do I just fill out the form to finalize my booking?

No, filling out the form is necessary to know if the housing solution you prefer is available and to receive the estimate. To finalize the contract you will have to wait to be contacted by the Italia Campus Team: only by signing the contract and paying a deposit (equal to half of the one month rent) , the reservation will be deemed finalized


Who is in charge of cleaning my accommodation?

You are responsible for decorating and cleaning the apartments: if you wish you can buy the cleaning service (see rates on the website or contact our team). The Campus rate includes the cleaning of the common areas and the room once a week.

Who cleans common areas?

The cleaning of the common areas of the campuses are the responsibility of Italy on Campus.

Do I have to clean my room before I leave it?

At check out you will be asked to leave your room in decent condition but you will not be charged anything for the final cleaning

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